Artificial Intelligence

Competition for youth

In partnership with WAICY, Geek Express is launching the biggest AI competition in Lebanon! Students from schools and STEM academies will get the chance to put their knowledge and skills to the test by creating their very own AI Models.


WAICY is a global annual AI competition fostering young students' creativity in addressing real-world issues through AI solutions. It welcomes over 3200 students globally, prioritizing engagement. WAICY aims to increase youth participation in the AI discourse, focusing on comprehension of AI's impact beyond mere coding skills.

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Innovate For a Better Future!

Students will harness their innovative potential by crafting personalized AI models to address pressing real-life challenges, including climate change, human rights, healthcare, education accessibility, and many more topics.
All projects will be presented to a panel of experts and the top submissions will be chosen to participate in the WAICY Finals.

Age Group


Semi-Finals Location

Antwork, Hamra


Registration Open
May 13, 2024
Submission of files
September 20, 2024
Announcement of finalists
October 4, 2024
Semi-Finals in Beirut
October 18, 2024
International Finals
December, 2024

Why participate?

Innovative Challenges

Engage in real-world AI challenges designed to test your skills and ignite your imagination.

Expert Mentorship

Learn from AI experts and mentors who will guide you on your journey to AI excellence.

Global Exposure

Connect with like-minded AI enthusiasts from all over the world, forming lifelong friendships and inspiring collaborations.

2022 Gold Award Winners:

Drive Assist


Drive Assist is designed to enhance driver safety. Using AI, it detects if the driver's eyes are open or closed. If distraction is detected for too long, an alarm sounds, and a voice guide prompts the driver to refocus. If unresponsive, the app alerts the user that authorities have been notified. It also caters to deaf/hard-of-hearing drivers with a red flash, alarm, and vibration.

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