We are Geek Express  

Yes, we're Geeks. We're incredibly loyal to what we do, we're passionate and fun, we're experts in our
field, and we stick to it till the very end.

We make things happen, differently.

At Geek Express, we provide technology education that is inherently entertaining, through an
environment that promotes the joy of programming, engages students, and ultimately sparks
enthusiasm for tech at an early age.


Geek Express is the first MENA-focused, online tech school, with a K-12 accredited curriculum that lays the foundation for our youth's future academic and professional pursuits.


To empower future generations through accessible, flexible technology education.



We're student-centric

We believe in making every step of your journey with us as personal as possible; an undertaking powered by honesty and transparency. Because no two children are the same, we believe that by creating curated experiences for our children, the impact will be all the greater.


We don’t walk, we sprint

We set targets and we aim for the bullseye. Our sprints are designed to make sure we commit to actions, not just ideas. We are adaptable, which stems from our desire to cater to our customers’ evolving needs, and our proclivity for growth.


We’re honest

We aim to provide our students with the best possible educational experience that ensures engagement and retention, by seeking excellence with integrity.


We’re organized

There’s always a better way to do things, and we’re committed to finding it. We pride ourselves on having operational excellence and seamless processes that ensure the best experience for our beloved community of students and their families


We’re creative thinkers

We know tech better than most. We also know that teaching children how to code is paramount in this tech-reliant world. It’s a skill that takes practice, patience and creativity to master, but that some find challenging. That is why we’ve crafted a fun, engaging and convenient solution for both children and parents, which makes learning to code all the more appealing.