The philosophy behind Geek Express camps

Published: October 10, 2019
Educational, themed, adventurous, project-based and fun! All of the latter adjectives are found in the Geek Express camps. But what’s the reason behind it? Why did we decide to join all those attributes in only a few days? Let’s tackle the reasons behind the philosophy of our camps:
A. Several platforms
The reason behind learning technology across multiple platforms is to allow our students to familiarize with different languages. Our singular touch in this regard would be driving our students towards independence. When you have the same language over and over again, eventually and unfortunately, you memorize the steps, allowing you to grasp the concept in a very limited matter. Now imagine you are learning multiple languages through a variety of platforms; this would allow you to focus more on the algorithm instead of learning it word for word. So yes our dear reader, with the variety provided our students are pushed towards exploring and deepening their thinking and debugging skills. 
B. Project-based approach
Lately, any camp would expose you to technical skills needed in either Computer Science, Film Making, Engineering, Electronics or Robotics. Those disciplines are usually given separately since each one would offer you with a different educational value. Geek Express camps do the opposite. We cross all those disciplines in a 5-day camp under one theme resulting in an astonishing application of STEAM abilities rather than a theoretical approach of STEAM.
C. Teamwork 
Imagine yourself at work with a few days deadline for an important project! Yes, you could finish it alone but what if you had a team with you? What if each person in the team is working on one aspect of the project resulting in an intricate and imaginative model? This is exactly why we believe teamwork is a quality every child should have. It is a way to teach our students patience, communication skills, and most importantly co-working skills all under one goal, creating astonishing STEAM projects made through collaborative effort.
D. Theme work 
Technology in our camps is the tool for a child’s creative mind. With a little guidance from our end and imagination from theirs, our students use tools such as Arduino and electrical components, littleBits, and engineering components to create cities, monster movies, and treasure hunts. With their innovative ideas, our students took us around the world only by practicing STEAM skills. Every theme serves a different educational purpose to teach our students problem-thinking, problem-solving and hands-on techniques in a fun environment! 

Our philosophy is then clear:

If you are five, seventeen or in between, may technology be ever in your favor!



Bann Haidar

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