MAKERBOX by Geek Express

Published: December 12, 2019
We’re going to get straight to the point here!
Geek Express is introducing a fun and innovative MAKERBOX! What is it you ask? It couldn’t have had a better name because it literally means a box that you make yourself. 
The MAKERBOX is a DIY (do it yourself) kit; is a personal creation using a box that contains tools and guidelines. It is a unique STEAM invention you could buy for your child in order to teach him/her science and technology. 
So let us think about it that way, the Geek Express team combined innovation, critical thinking, and STEAM characteristics in the MAKERBOX with a purpose of inspiring children to become active creators instead of passive consumers. How? Each time you build a MAKERBOX  you will enjoy lessons about circuitry, hydraulics, forces, optical illusion, and much more. Then, after each box built, you will receive a certificate of completion. Once all 6 kits are built, then our fellow Geeks, you will complete the Machine Design course with a certificate added to your Digital Portfolio.
Did the MAKERBOX peak your attention enough?
Wait, there's more! The MAKERBOX is a proud Lebanese product idealised, designed, and created by engineers at Geek Express. And we cannot wait for you to get inspired and share the same DIY enthusiasm we enjoy.
How to get the MAKERBOX?
What if we told you that it only takes one subscription for us to ring your doorbell every month and provide you with a new fun and challenging engineering product!  What if we also told you, you can hop by all JouéClub branches and find the MAKERBOX there! 
So, are you ready to move away from the theoretical and get more technical, to open your children's eyes to the world's rapid technological development and for the future of education? 
Get the MAKERBOX and join the Maker Movement!

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