Geek Express launches after-school coding programs in the MENA region

Published: January 17, 2023

Geek Express is pioneering the implementation of after-school coding activities in the MENA region. Schools are finally recognizing the importance of coding skills for students. The language we learn but can only express using a computer is now a revolutionary skill to have. Coding boosts problem-solving skills, enhances computational thinking, encourages persistence, nourishes creativity, improves digital literacy, teaches career-building skills, and develops confidence and communication skills.

Leading-Edge Partnerships 

Geek Express is proud to announce its partnership with three prominent schools in the UAE and Lebanon by launching after-school coding programs for students. Indeed, the digital world is upon us, and it has become imperative to learn to code. By teaching children this 21st century skill, we’re not only giving them an edge in landing the best opportunities, but we are also reinforcing their creativity and logical thinking. Let us reveal how we are doing just that thanks to our work with schools across the MENA region.

Horizon Private School Abu Dhabi

With its adaptation to the American Curriculum and technology-enabled learning, Horizon Private School Abu Dhabi (HPS) has joined hands with Geek Express to develop an after-school coding program teaching students game and app development. This program will enhance problem solving skills, communication skills, creative thinking, and math performance. HPS is fostering an innovative learning environment by adopting a tech-forward approach to education, and offering students the most up-to-date EdTech tools and platforms through coding activities led by Geek Express.

Wellspring Learning Community Mathaf branch

We are running an after-school coding program with Wellspring (Mathaf branch in Lebanon), which involves a hands-on learning experience of app development, game development, web development, and AI for grades 6+. This program has created a positive learning environment where students get to cultivate their social, emotional, and academic potential. Pupils will develop creativity, compassion, and a sense of accountability. 

College des Saints Coeurs Ain Najm 

In December 2022, Geek Express started operating the after-school coding program at Saints Coeurs Ain Najm school in Lebanon, as part of its commitment to elevate its educational offerings. Our coding curriculum will give students the technological know-how they need to create their own apps, video games, and AI models, by way of a gamified trip that guarantees student engagement. In addition, personalized assessments and feedback are provided throughout the program to ensure a smooth journey.


Geek Express aims to expand its network of education providers to reach as many students in the MENA region as possible, and ensure they gain access to quality technology education.


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