The future of education: AI Tutors will change the game

Published: March 15, 2023

In 1950, the mathematician Alan Turing asked the million-dollar question, "Can machines think?"  The answer to the question is the core of artificial intelligence, popularly known as AI. To put it simply, AI attempts to replicate tasks that require human intelligence in machines.

Whether it is a self-driving car or a program that solves your homework, AI is involved. It has been the talk of the town! Some people have big concerns, and others think it will make our lives easier. 

No matter what your opinion on AI is, there is no doubt that it is infiltrating many aspects of our daily lives. 

It has been rapidly transforming a multitude of industries, and education is no exception. With the development of AI-powered tutoring software, students and educators alike are experiencing the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

What are AI tutors

AI tutors are computer programs that use artificial intelligence to help students learn by providing personalized instruction and feedback. Students get to experience one-on-one lessons with a digital avatar that attends to their academic needs while maintaining a fun ambiance.

There is no denying that the COVID pandemic has had a huge effect on popularizing online learning and platforms that rely on AI tutors to deliver information to students.

Ever since people experienced online learning, it has been on the rise with no sign of slowing down. Platforms like Ivy Chatbot and Cognii are growing in popularity all around the world. What makes AI tutors great is that their benefits are not only felt by students but also extend to teachers as well. 

Benefits for students

AI tutoring provides a personalized and flexible learning experience. Different from traditional classroom settings, AI tutors can adapt to each student's learning style and pace, ensuring that they are kept in the loop and supported by the rest of the class. 

Additionally, the use of AI tutors creates an immersive learning experience for the students. Its use of project-based learning keeps them engaged, and leaves them with real-life experiences that they can benefit from even outside the classroom. 

Another amazing benefit of the AI tutor is that it boosts students’ confidence. The fact that an AI tutor gives the child its undivided attention, makes the child feel important. It also provides private feedback to each student which removes the embarrassment factor that students sometimes feel when receiving feedback in front of their peers. This reduction in anxiety is guaranteed to enhance the student’s performance in the classroom. 

Benefits for educators

Educators might be worried that AI tutors are here to replace them, when actually they are here to make their lives easier. The AI tutor can take over time-consuming tasks such as grading reports, lesson planning, and creating creative content. Additionally, they can provide educators with detailed reports on student performance, allowing for a more thorough understanding of each student's progress and areas of improvement.

Positive impact on education

AI will change the education system as we know it. It will make learning more beneficial in the most fun and engaging ways. It will open up opportunities for students that would have never been possible with traditional learning. AI tutors surpass borders, as you can be sitting at home and learning information about anything in the world. 

The use of AI tutors is set to have a significant impact on the field of education: when model students were usually favored over students with a slower learning pace, the AI tutor is designed to cater to students with different learning abilities. 

It will enable teachers to focus on teaching rather than grading assignments or giving feedback on tests. It will also allow students to get more out of their learning experiences as they will receive personalized instructions tailored to their needs.  

A final word

AI tutoring will disrupt the education landscape, and completely transform the approach to education and learning. With the ability to surpass the limitations of traditional teaching methods, AI tutors will offer personalized learning experiences and dynamic feedback, enhancing the student-teacher engagement. These intelligent systems will bridge the gap between conventional classroom learning and the rapidly evolving technology-driven universe. 

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