5 surprising careers that will put coding skills to use

Published: February 20, 2023

When we hear the word "coding," the first things that may come to mind are websites, applications, or let’s face it, even geeks! What most people don't realize is that coding has infiltrated almost every industry in the world, and we don’t even know it. 

The music you’re listening to while going to work? A code is behind it. The movies you stream on Netflix? Yep, that too. Even the Instagram reels you spend hours scrolling through are based on code! Coding powers almost everything around us!

According to a report by Burning Glass, a job market analytics firm, 7 million occupations now require coding skills. Programming jobs are growing 12% faster than any other sector out there. 

You might be wondering if all these job occupations are found in the traditional tech sector, and we’re here to confirm that they are not. According to the World Economic Forum, almost 65% of students today are going to work in jobs that require coding skills. Coding skills are like Waldo now, found in places you would never expect to look!

Get ready to be surprised. Here are five job occupations that involve, and actually demand, coding skills.

  1. Sports Analytics: 

Codes might be sports coaches' new best friends! Teams are seeking the help of programmers to gather and analyze data from games, team practices, and player movements. These analyses can be extremely beneficial to coaches when developing game plans. Using a code may help the coach of your favorite football team win the next World Cup! 

  1. Medicine: 

It must be difficult to attend medical school while also learning to code! What you don’t know is that coding skills have the ability to make a doctor’s life easier. By relying on codes, medical professionals can now analyze a huge amount of data in seconds, identify disorders, and generate treatment plans. More medical practitioners are embracing coding as part of their career paths to develop electronic health record systems, medical imaging software, and much more.

  1. Music Production: 

Artists can confirm that coding has revolutionized the music industry. Code can be involved in several stages of the music process, including sound effect processing, beat matching, and chord progression analysis. Code is being used to create an exquisite music experience.

  1. Forensic Science: 

If you have coding skills and an interest in criminology, you might be the next modern-day Sherlock Holmes! A whole new field, known as cybersecurity, has been created because of the incorporation of coding into the criminal field.

  1. Education: 

Even the educational sector has dipped its toes into the coding pool! Educators have started using coding to create elaborate platforms that make the learning experience fun and engaging for students. Specifically, technology educators are also using tech-based platforms to teach students of all ages how to code. 

This is what we do at Geek Express! We teach children coding by using tech platforms that foster an engaging digital environment. Our students are coding their way into the future!

A final word

There will come a time when no matter what field interests you, having coding skills is going to be a major plus on your resume. Coding has become a ubiquitous skill with a multitude of applications that go so far beyond software development. 

Step into the future of success and start educating your child about coding in its simplest forms with our specialists here at Geek Express.

See you on the other side!

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