What is the best career for my child?

Published: June 7, 2019
Have you ever wondered about the career your child could pursue? Have you ever wondered how your child's choice will affect his/her successes, the positions he could reach, or the connections she will build?
Of course, you have! Because of this worry, parents feel the need and the responsibility to guide their children towards the right choices.
So what is the golden advice?
If we take a look at the fast-paced changes in the job market, we notice that technological advancements are increasingly taking over. The World Economic Forum states that workforce trends will be heavily affected by the 4th industrial revolution. In fact, today artists are leveraging the progress in computer vision and augmented reality to create mind-blowing art pieces; marketers are studying data science to predict consumers behavior across seasons; doctors are engaging with robotics engineering to facilitate operations and minimize human errors; and therapists are using virtual reality to build an immersive experience for their patients. More and more companies are believing in technology's pivotal role in redefining the marketplace. For example, IBM's CEO Rometty expects a 100% Change in jobs in the next 5 to 10 years due to AI (Artificial Intelligence).
So, with the reign of the fourth industrial revolution, "What is the best career for my child?" is a question that should shift to "How do I prepare my child for the fourth industrial revolution?
"It's simple, teach him/her STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). STEM is an integrated approach at the core of equipping students with essential technical skills and cognitive abilities expected from a generation where tech literacy is driving economies. It is the concept of introducing your child to Coding, Robotics, and Engineering while developing logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and creative design thinking. The array of STEM jobs is wide enough to include Roller coaster engineering (a job that includes mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil engineering to create the fastest and safest rides) and Fashion Design (a job that makes fashion smart and adaptable through digital marketing).
If you have children that are not really interested in technology and prefer arts, what will the future hold? There is plenty of room for creativity and cognitive skills in STEM jobs. Let your child follow his/her passion! However, make sure they acquire the technical skills needed to adapt to a world where technology is booming.
So, mark your calendars! Those sci-fi movies that we all enjoy are about to become our reality.
Bann Haidar
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